“Yesterday ended last night, today is a brand new day. And it’s yours.

~Zig Ziglar

Drug Addiction Therapy

Education is critical for those recovering from a substance use disorder. A substance use disorder affects more than just the user, and it is important that their loved ones understand the complete picture of the causes and mechanisms of substance use. We can all do this together! Drug addiction therapy can help families understand what happens to a user’s mind and body as it heals, easing the path toward recovery.

Drug addiction therapy is not a last resort! Treatment can help users in any stage of their relationship with drug use. Is drug use making your life more complicated? Do you feel as if you are losing control? Are you questioning your status as a “social user”? Drug addiction therapy can help explore these questions and aid you in reaching your recovery goals.

Addiction Services

  • Are you concerned about your drinking or drug use?
  • Is life getting more complicated and you suspect that substance use may be the reason?

Substance abuse disorders fall on a spectrum from mild to severe with numerous variations in between. As a result, substance abuse treatment should pinpoint where a client falls within the spectrum and focus treatment on that individual’s unique needs. 


There are many factors that influence one’s substance use disorder such as genetics, age, length of use, substance, health, legal standing, finances, relationships and living circumstances. In order to create the most effective treatment plan to build a life in recovery it is necessary to truly examine these factors and evaluate the triggers and circumstances that are influencing the desire to use.

Treatment Options

Substance abuse treatment never falls within a one-size-fits-all category. A New Day Recovery Services offers flexible treatment plans tailored to suit each individual. The sky is the limit; if a higher level of care is necessary, a referral and follow up care can be coordinated.

Substance abuse treatment is often about baby steps – the biggest decision is that you are ready for treatment! I can help you understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol. Together, we can cope with the pain of the past and establish a plan for today

Lets start a new day together

My agency is located on a farm because I feel my love of nature and the outdoors is therapeutic and offers a different type of experience for you to explore your feelings and behaviors and learn more effective ways to cope and manage your life in order to reach your goals and be your best self. I am passionate about working with those looking for a better way of life.

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