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Life Counseling Services for Substance Abuse

Co-occurring, or dual diagnosis substance abuse, is a common situation where psychiatric disorders and substance abuse feed off of each other in a miserable cycle. Overcoming both at once requires comprehensive life counseling services that take both issues into account, with one therapist, at one location. Reducing the symptoms of the mental health disorder helps recovery by removing or weakening the triggers for substance use, making recovery more attainable and lessening the chances of relapse. 

I understand the importance of considering both substance abuse and mental health issues in co-occurring cases. If you think you have issues with substance abuse that may be a part of a broader mental health issue, we can work together toward creating a plan to help you achieve your recovery goals.


There is a strong connection between mental health disorders and substance abuse.

This phenomenon is frequently referred to as co-occurring or dual-diagnosis. A quick overview reveals that 53% of drug users have at least one psychiatric disorder, 37% of alcoholics have at least one psychiatric disorder and that approximately 55% of those with co-occurring disorders do not receive any treatment.


If someone is able to get into substance abuse treatment only about 7% get the mental health treatment they need. These statistics indicate that there is great need for therapists to be able to address both issues at the same time in one location. The benefits to co-occurring treatment is that it can reduce the symptoms of the mental health disorder which can impact one’s recovery and ability to function in every day life, it can assist with medication therapy to be more effective and can help address triggers that may contribute to relapse. It is important that both substance abuse and mental health disorders are given the same level of attention.

Co-occurring Services

 There are many possible evidence-based techniques to help a person break the cycle of mental illness and substance abuse – we just need to find the right one! Together, we can determine which interventions and strategies will best meet your needs and satisfy your unique situation.

Treatment Options

Co-occurring cases are complex and require a combination of therapeutic strategies. I want to meet you where you are and build on your motivation. Seeking treatment is an incredible first step that proves you are ready to move forward! Together we will create a customized recovery plan that covers all of your unique needs. Substance abuse and mental health disorders sometimes get tangled together, seemingly impossible to untangle. But this is not true! Co-occurring therapy starts with where you are and uses your own personal goals and values to get you to where you want to be.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, contingency management, relapse prevention techniques, and acceptance and commitment therapy are just a few possibilities of effective methods for managing a co-occurring diagnosis. I want to meet you where you are and build on that motivation and utilize that as the starting point for moving forward for a customized recovery plan that meets all of your needs. We will look at the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be based on your personal goals and values. This will allow us to determine better ways for you to cope with interpersonal, emotional and personal problems to make them less threatening and stressful and eventually more manageable. Substance abuse and mental health get tangled together into a tight ball that may at times seem impossible to untangle. However, I can help.

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