There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

― Laurell K. Hamilton

Trauma Therapy and Counseling

Trauma is an intense and subjective experience that is different for each person. What remains consistent, however, is our body’s response to feelings of trauma. Think back to grade school biology – fight or flight! – or in other words, feelings that cause us to feel out of control or unsafe. Trauma therapy can allow you to regain control of your state of mind, letting you get back to living a fulfilling life.

Trauma Services

Trauma disorders can cause various unwanted effects on a person’s mental state, often creating stress that interferes with everyday life. Everyone handles trauma differently. It is normal to have a response to what is perceived as a traumatic event; however, if the symptoms worsen or persist and impact your daily life, it may be time to seek professional help. Trauma therapy can help you take the steps to heal, build strength, gain perspective, and establish goals to help reduce your symptoms. Together, we can change your focus from the past to the present, allowing you to regain personal power.

Treatment Options

Trauma therapy is a little bit different from other types of therapy; less talking, more doing! During trauma therapy sessions, I provide a compassionate, accepting, and safe place to allow you the time to understand how you feel, with the ultimate goal of making you feel safe again. Together we can work towards recovering your confidence, self esteem, and peace of mind. Trauma therapy isn’t about just coping with symptoms, but helping you move forward in healing.

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My agency is located on a farm because I feel my love of nature and the outdoors is therapeutic and offers a different type of experience for you to explore your feelings and behaviors and learn more effective ways to cope and manage your life in order to reach your goals and be your best self. I am passionate about working with those looking for a better way of life.

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