There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

― Laurell K. Hamilton

Trauma Therapy and Counseling

Trauma is an intense and subjective experience that is different for every person. What remains consistent, however, is a change in your brain’s thought patterns: your fight or flight response is constantly activated, causing tremendous and persistent stress.  I provide compassionate, non-judgmental trauma therapy to help you get on the path to feeling safe again. With a variety of steps and interventions, I can help you regain control of your own state of mind, letting you get back to living your life. My trauma counseling in Salisbury, MD takes place on a private farm, a relaxing natural setting conducive to mental health and healing. Call me for a private 20-minute phone consultation to explore your options and find out if my practice is right for your personal needs.


No two people respond to a traumatic event the same because trauma is about how a person experiences, events, emotions and that is a subjective experience.

Therefore, trauma is dependent on the person and not the event. Any event could be traumatic if the reaction to it exceeds the capacity of the person to stay regulated and bounce back to normal functioning. There are three main types of trauma. Acute trauma is a single event, chronic trauma is repeated abuse or violence and complex trauma is an expose to many different traumatic events. Regardless of the type or when the event occurred trauma changes our brain and parts become hyperaroused and can cause changes in thought patterns; the brain is now on high alert and in a state of constant threat.

Our fight, fright or freeze response is in high gear and is sensitive to create emotional or physical responses to triggers. This can create a wide range of psychological, emotional and physical reactions such as; being on edge, being jumpy, difficulty sleeping, intrusive memories, recurring thoughts, feelings of being overwhelmed, guilt and shame, anxiety, sadness, anger, emotional numbness, withdrawal, disappointment, avoidance, drug and alcohol use, and feelings of loss.

These symptoms can create tremendous stress on one’s every day living. A person’s response to an event can be further impacted their personality, the way they express emotion, their coping mechanisms, their past trauma history, their current life stressors, their support system and their ability to express and understand emotions.

It is normal to have a response to what is perceived as a traumatic event, however if the symptoms worsen or persist and are impacting daily living it may be time to look for professional help. You did not bring on the traumatic event but you can take steps to heal and build strength and perspective. I can help you to establish goals to help reduce symptoms, change your focus from past to present, understand substance use, and regain personal power.

Trauma therapy is a little different from other types of therapy in that there is less thinking and talking and more about doing and experiencing. I provide a compassionate, non-judgemental, safe place to provide you the time to understand how you feel is linked to how we think in order to reach the ultimate goal of feeling safe again. “The fundamental shift in providing support using a trauma-informed approach is to move from thinking ‘What is wrong with you?’ to considering ‘What happened to you?’” I am able to provide the type of treatment and environment you need to help you recover your confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind. With a variety of interventions and steps we can work on establishing safety, providing psychoeducation and developing self-regulation. My philosophy is to not just cope with symptoms but to help you move forward in healing.

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My agency is located on a farm because I feel my love of nature and the outdoors is therapeutic and offers a different type of experience for you to explore your feelings and behaviors and learn more effective ways to cope and manage your life in order to reach your goals and be your best self. I am passionate about working with those looking for a better way of life.

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